Team Blue would like to show our appreciation by giving all our loyal customers and future clients a chance to win 1 of the 21 prizes!

Secure your snow removal services and pay in full* before October 31, 2023, and be entered to win:

plus a free driveway!
1 of 20 Free Driveways!

Residential driveways only in Dieppe.
The winners will be contacted by phone and will be posted on Facebook.
$5,000 winner will be hand-delivered.
The draw will take place on or around December 20th, 2023.

* To qualify:  By October 31st at the latest, we must receive full payment OR half payment plus a post-dated cheque dated January 1st, 2024 for the other half.

We Look Forward to Serving You!

Here Are Our Winners From Last Year (2022-23 Season)

$5000 Winner

Here Are Our Winners From the Year Prior (2021-22 Season)

$5000 Winner
Snow Removal Winners